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Life hacks and mind snacks for thriving with food allergies daily

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Learn about many aspects of food allergies, with a focus on gaining practical life skills and living fully


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Hear inspiring stories and interviews where people living with food allergies discuss gaining back their power. We discuss practical tips, savvy life hacks and mind snacks where food allergy struggles are the teacher.
Join us as we Feed Your Can...when some foods, you just can't.™

Free from Food, not Fun


3 Kids and 8+ Categories of Food Allergies, Asthma, Eczema & EoE

We joke that our family is the 'percent' family. We fall into a small group of families with 3 kids that navigate life-threatening food allergies and asthma. Even more rare, our identical twin daughters (who are mirror image twins) came into this world 11 weeks early. Our twins, each weighing 2.5 lbs with the same DNA at birth, have their own unique food allergies. Wild, right??

Their 11-year-old brother navigates the most food allergies (peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, legumes, mustard, sesame, soy protein). Add asthma, eczema, and eosinophilic esophagitis to that list and we have a complicated cocktail of medical ingredients to manage. Our food struggles have stretched us way outside our comfort zones, and have also opened up new possibilities. 

We are deep in this maze trying to navigate the next safe meal and there are no shortage of barriers. It is exhausting and oftentimes can feel limiting. Sadly I can't bubblewrap our kids when they leave the house. I mean I guess I could...(me: rethinking everything).

Our struggles have taught us so much. We have learned where and how to curate the best strategies that keep us all moving forward. We've become seasoned thought-flippers, savvy problem solvers and curious life hackers who appreciate each waking day. We are committed, multi-passionate lifelong learners who cannot keep our findings to ourselves any longer.


Our goal is to raise our kids to live thoughtfully, not fearfully. Optimal living involves having healthy mindsets to recognize possibilities and build resilience over fear. Sure we vent at times and share our frustrations with others. We experience the full range of emotions. However our struggles are not our stopping point...we relentlessly push through to find solutions. We may have to restrict the foods, but never the fun! Life is an adventure and we are helping build our kids' confidence (and our own) to live fully and freely.


Learn with us how to replace your limiting beliefs with life hacks and mind snacks that Feed Your Can. There are already enough CAN'Ts out there...



Learn tips and life hacks to keep you sane, savvy and successful in daily living with food allergies. Packs a punch with useful tips and must-try ideas. Stay in the know below.

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