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What is Feed Your Can?

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Welcome to the first blog post of Feed your Can! You may be scratching your head a bit wondering if you’re in the right place. Let me help you figure out that answer.

  • Maybe you’re looking for unique life hacks or positive support as you navigate food allergies each day

  • Maybe you're a caregiver with a newly diagnosed child that has food allergies and you’re feeling scared. How can your child live a 'normal' life with food allergies?

  • Or you might be a friend, family member, neighbor, grandparent, teacher, school nurse or someone who wants to make food-allergic people feel safe

  • You might be someone who wants to live a full life on your terms and make sure food doesn't cramp your fun!

  • Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the ‘what ifs’ and are finding it hard to stay present and calm

  • Or maybe you feel isolated because every light-hearted and 'fun' social situation involves FOOD. Why can't food and fun coexist?!

If any of these answers were a strong YES then welcome. Got you covered. Our mission is to connect you to practical tips, life hacks and mindset 'snacks' that empower you or your loved one to live freely and fully. It doesn't happen overnight but trust me when I say that fun and food CAN coexist. You may live a 'free from' food life but do not have to settle for 'free from' fun! We are living proof that you CAN live fully and we'll provide many examples and stories along the way that will inspire you.

Feed your Can is a rally cry for bringing positivity to the food allergy community and rippling out the possibilities outside of that orbit too. Whether or not you are one of the 32M people living with food allergies or you are impacted by food allergies because of your loved ones, there is a place for you here.

We'll dig through the tough tunnels of topics and come out stronger on the other side. We will grow together and aim for opportunities over problems. We won't let fear hold us back from the fun.

F.E.A.R. is not about Future Events Already Ruined but instead working towards shift to Feeling Excited And Ready. Mindset matters greatly and does not shift overnight. Trust your struggle here and that we will guide you to seeing limit. less. food. possibilities.

Remember you are the leading character starring in your one and only incredible life. Food is just one part of the rolling credits at the end of that film. ;)

In the next blog post we'll talk about more of the specifics of what to expect from FYC. We have a lot of plans underway and are excited to have you join the adventure. Make sure to subscribe for blog updates!

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