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My name is Lindsay Schultz.  My husband and I are raising 3 kids who navigate 8 categories of food allergies daily.  That's 15 times a day that we feed them and keep them alive!  But more than just surviving, we want them to thrive and reach their full potential in life.

Our three kids have asthma, and our identical twin daughters were preemies weighing 2.5 pounds each (1 with a collapsed lung at birth).  As preemies our daughters experienced 'failure to thrive' for too long and the food restrictions did not help! We've worked with a lot of 'ologists' over the past decade.  Each time we hit a wall I wondered, "how do we knock this over and make it a bridge?"

I am convinced that with the right mindset, life hacks and support network, humans can overcome absolutely anything.  I believe in the art of the possible and that we can rewire and reframe our minds to create better life experiences.  Each day we can choose possibilities over problems, and gradually build a toolbox of helpful skills to address whatever comes our way.

Our family lives in Michigan and stays very active with team sports, school activities and playdates.  All three of our kids are thriving and are open to adventures.

Professionally, I’ve been a coach and mentor much longer than a parent.  I have degrees in Psychology and Organizational Studies from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  I spent 14 years working at Google helping businesses digitally adapt to their customers' changing wants and needs.

The essence of my work is to empower growth, resiliency, creative problem solving and confidence.  We live this allergy life daily and face many setbacks.  Yet we're determined to find a way out of the confusing maze.  I'm all about finding life hacks and sharing tried and true tactics with you that work. 

After 19 years in corporate America, I've shifted into a fully-focused endeavor to help Feed Your Can.  I am passionate about seeking out and sharing helpful tools to help us all navigate daily life with food allergies.


Thanks for stopping by.  I look forward to getting to know you!

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